Let us ROC your summer experience!

OFC Creations' expanded ROC Summer Experience is unlike any summer camp program in Upstate New York. Featuring a staff of professional artists, campers will have a fun, engaging, and professional experience that will make you feel part of the family. OFC Creations #1 focus is on camper and parent experience and safety - YOU will be more than just a camper or audience member, you will be part of the magic that is only in the performing arts! We plan for 2021 camps to be bigger and better than before!

We are optimistic that life will be close to "back to normal" by summer 2021 so we can once again have huge costumes, sets, and audiences take part of our summer experience. However, from running camps in 2020 with over 500 campers and no COVID related issues, we know there is a safe way to hold our camps! Our camps for 2021 will be on no matter what!

Campers can register for OFC’s ROC Summer Theatre Experience in any (or multiple) of our 2021 locations.

Registration closes June 25, 2021 - but camps are filling up quickly!

As of July 2020 OFC's policies and procedures were updated to "no refunds or transfers on all sales," including but not limited to tuition, deposits, tickets. A small processing fee applies to all class and camp registrations as well as tickets.

Registration is Now Open


2021 Summer Age Groups

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Ages 4-7

Pint Sized Camps

Focusing on skills in acting, singing, and dance, Pint Sized Performers will have their first chance to be on stage with OFC. Classes and programs are centered around public speaking, confidence building, and having fun. OFC’s Pint Sized Performers Program will introduce students to acting, singing, and dance through a variety of skits, songs they already know and love, and basic dance. Oftentimes, the students will assist the instructor with writing the script for their 10-12 minute show – focusing on the beginning, middle, and end of the story, as well as which characters will have each line. Many Pint Sized Performers programs include introductory costumes, props, stage lights, and more to enhance their storytelling. Each student is guaranteed a role in the show with our “no cut” policy, and auditions are worked into their class material, rather than official auditions that could make little ones nervous. Perfect for kids coming out of their shell (no experience needed) as well as for those ready to take centerstage and be in the spotlight!

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Ages 7-11

Kid Camps

Kid shows are typically 60-minutes in length and include full cast musical numbers as well as opportunities to feature soloists, specialty dancers, and supporting characters. Oftentimes these are Junior (Jr.) productions which are a 60-minute version of a full Broadway show, the Jr. versions reduce verses in long songs, cut subplots or unneeded musical numbers, and make the scripts easy to read and memorize for student performers. Auditions are held on the first day, with materials taught by the instructors; all students who register will be in the show with our “no cut” policy. Students are encouraged to memorize and review materials at home as the dances are a bit more challenging and music have added harmonies and featured solos. Performances will be open to family and friends with costumes, props, set pieces, and more. While no previous experience is required, many students have been performing since they were in diapers. Directors are ready to meet all students at their respective experience level and feature their skill sets appropriately, no matter how long they have been performing.

Ages 12-18

Teen Camps

OFC's Teen Performers feature a range of students who are bound for Broadway, enjoy performing for fun, and are first timers. OFC welcomes all teens to continue or begin their theatre journey in our High School Teen program. Typically, the teen productions tackle a full Broadway or off-Broadway-length show, not a reduced version, with a script and score designed for adults and professionals. Auditions will be held on the first day, but all registered teens for the program will receive a part (or parts) in the show with our “no cut” policy. Audition materials will be emailed out to registered students in advance to prepare, and the director will review the material(s) upon arrival. While no previous experience is required, many students have been performing since they were in diapers. Directors are ready to meet all students at their respective experience level and feature their skill sets appropriately, no matter how long they have been performing. The experience should be fun and enjoyable for all participants, with a focus on putting on the best show possible.

2021 Summer Locations

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3450 Winton Pl (Brighton)

OFC Creations Theatre Center Campus

OFC Creations Theatre Center is a 260-seat theatre with brand new curtains, spacious lobby, large green room, and new second floor dance studio. Directly off 590, OFC Creations Theatre Center is convenient and safe location. With ample parking, air conditioning, and outside courtyard locations- the Center is perfect for summer camp!

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200 W. Ridge Rd (Downtown/Greece)

Kodak Center


Kodak Center is a popular venue with multiple floors and studios for camp activities and rehearsals. Directly off of 104-E, the Kodak Center is convenient for our West Side campers, but is a direct drive by taking 590 to 104 from the East. Performances take place in the intimate Studio Theatre which holds 180 audience members. The center also features a huge parking lot and 1st floor cafe.