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Q: Any update due to COVID-19?

A: We are crossing our fingers (and toes) that COVID will be a distant memory by summer 2021 so we can get back to FULL shows with standing ovations! If that is not possible, our camps will be adjusted similarly to summer 2020. We will keep everyone posted as we get closer.

Q: What does a normal day at camp look like?
A: Each camp starts off on day one with introductions and "getting to know you" games to immediately start friendships and team building for the many days to come. The camp will be divided into smaller groups to learn a short song and dance for auditions. Later in the day, campers will audition for the directors by singing, acting, and dancing - ending with a read-through of the script. By day two, all campers will know which roles they are playing and jump into learning the show! Campers will stay actively engaged the entire camp day with a few short snack breaks and a longer lunch break. Week two, campers will move to the stage and begin preparing for performances.

Q: What will the kids do for lunch?

A: We take a short 30-minute break for lunch each day. We ask campers to bring a bagged lunch with them, please be sensitive to food allergies (no nuts please). Our Snack Shack will be open before camp, after camp, and at lunch for campers to purchase candy, chips, and beverages. Additional special snack and lunch opportunities will be announced as we get closer to camps.

Q: Does my child need to prepare anything for auditions?

A: Nope! We will teach them a short song and dance from the show on day one when they arrive. We just ask that they are familiar with the show (watch the movie or on Youtube). However, you can attend one of our Audition Workshops by CLICKING HERE

Q: If there are auditions, is it possible my child won't be in the show?

A: Every camper who registers for camp will automatically be in the show. There are no cuts in our program. Auditions are to determine who is playing which parts. Everyone will be on stage several times throughout the show, no matter which role(s) they receive, and this year - everyone will have bigger parts! 

Q: Is 9AM-3PM too long for my child to be in camp for rehearsals?

A: We have found that the 9AM-1PM time frame for the Pint Sized campers, and 9AM-3PM for the Kid and Teen campers is the perfect amount of time to have fun while putting together a quality production. We will take breaks during the day, and when weather permits, we will even take the campers outside for fresh air.

Q: What is the policy on age brackets?

A: Age brackets for our Pint-Sized, Kids, and Teen camps are guidelines based on past summer offerings and student interest. There is flexibility in the age brackets if your child is more suited for a younger program, a slightly older program, or would like to be placed with a sibling. Please note that some age brackets for certain camps are wider or more condensed than the header at the top of the page. Contact us if you have a question regarding where to place your child.

Q: Are there refunds on tuition?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds on camp payments or deposits. However, you may put down a deposit for camp by calling or emailing us. Remaining balances must be paid by March 15th, 2021. 

Q: Are there cap sizes on camps?

A: Yes. Each camp is a little different based on location and stage as well as age of the students. ​We do expect to fill quickly, so reserve your spot today!

Q: I have to be at work before 9AM (or) I don't get of work until 5PM. What do I do?
A: We offer a Before-Care and After-Care program for campers who need to be dropped off early or need to stay past 3PM. Click HERE for more details. 

Q: Is camp tuition, tickets, or other purchases with OFC tax deductible?

A: Unfortunately normally our offerings are not tax deductible. However, you should check with your accountant to double check on dependent care needs. We can provide registration receipts on request.

Q: Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

A: OFC has a limited quantity of scholarships available for summer 2020, and we are committed to making the arts available to everyone - no matter the financial situation. To apply for an OFC Scholarship please CLICK HERE

Q: My child is feeling uncomfortable and stressed about joining a new program, is this normal?

It is always normal to feel a bit uncomfortable trying something new! OFC's staff is committed to supporting all students being themselves. We recognize all students are in different places with figuring out how they fit into the world and we are open and ready to support them in any way we can. OFC is a safe place for all students with a strict no bullying policy. Please contact us and make us aware of any ways we can make your child's experience the best it can be.

Q: I have a credit on file from 2020 in the beginning of the pandemic, how do I use my credit?

A: Those with credits should contact the OFC office to apply their credit towards a new program. Please include camper name, previous program enrolled in, and program that you would like the credit applied to. Note that new registrations for OFC programs are nonrefundable and nontransferable. If the Finger Lakes Region takes a step back due to COVID-19 and is no longer in Phase 4, OFC will reassess upcoming programs and offer options to enrolled families. Previous credits are not refundable, however they may be used towards current spring 2021 programs, summer camps, private lessons, tickets, etc.

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