2024 Summer Locations

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OFC Creations Theatre Center Campus
3450 Winton Pl (Brighton)

OFC Creations Theatre Center is a 260-seat theatre with brand new curtains, spacious lobby, large green room, and new second floor dance studio. Directly off 590, OFC Creations Theatre Center is a convenient and safe location. OFC also owns The Old Farm Cafe located next door to the theatre, where families can grab food & beverages before or after camp, and campers can grab hot lunch. Additional rehearsal space used for camp is also located through the back of the cafe. With ample parking, air conditioning, and outside courtyard locations- the Center is perfect for summer camp!
Kodak Center

Kodak Center Campus
200 W. Ridge Rd (Downtown Rochester)

Kodak Center is a popular venue with multiple floors and studios for camp activities and rehearsals. Directly off of 104-E, the Kodak Center is convenient for our West Side campers, but is a direct drive by taking 590 to 104 from the East. Performances take place in the intimate Studio Theatre which holds 180 audience members. The center also features a huge parking lot and 1st floor cafe.